Well I have been seriously planing building a Lotus 7 Replica. A Haynes roadster to be exact. I was expecting to buy a chassis kit from saturn sportscars http://www.saturnsportcars.co.uk/ but last month a forum member decided to sell up, and I snapped up his built up chassis.. I had to collect it from Glasgow but it went on the roof of the galaxy with no hassel.

The Turbo XR4x4 still refuses to start despite my intensifyg efforts to get it running.
The Mondeo has failed it’s MOT and is now off the road.
The Galaxy goes on as usual,
The Pugwagen has been stripped, the shell should be sold on EBAY today, the eninges have gone, the seats and wheels have gone.. I think I have made 100% proffit so far 🙂
The Wifes MK1 golf needs to be done to replace the Mondeo , but I am having trouble motivating myself.
Erika the sapph awaits the garage space…