F384 FRH


I should says so!

Originaly offered on Interford by one of the users for £200 with a nice stainless exhaust, I was tempted but had not realy got the space.

However, when he then said £0 but without the exhaust… I was on it like a dog on heat.

I had a spare exhaust so off Me and M8 Richard went to find the place in South Shiled.

We turned up and imediatly set about fixing up the exhaust, unfortunatly the downpipe studs on the passenger manifold had sheared… So that made it impossible to get that pipe to bolt up properly and eventualy was held in place by stainless steel ties.

We then put the dash back together as that had been partialy taken appart, refitted the wiper stalk but had not indicator stalk.

Then we tried to start it, which did not happen at first, actualy took about 30 minutes to get it going.. As i said LOUD! the leaxing exhuast was very loud.

I then had to drive it the 60 miles home without trying to draw too much attention ( the car was safe, just not quite how a Police man would want it to be though).

The noise was not to bad on the flat open roads, but going up hill was deffaning….

Made it home safe and sound though.

I put a replacement manifold on, sorted the exhaust reasonably and fitted the rest of the car back together.

It was free due to extensive rot in all the doors, but the shell was very good.

I was then in a selling mood and got £185 for it!

4 weeks of ownership payed off!!