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Twisted Pear

Arduino Uno

I am seriously considering building some projects usign the Arduino Uno, this is a small microcontroler mounted on PCB with it's own BUS. The bus can be attached to a number of Sheilds. A sheild is an add on module that allows you to connect various devices easily, Such as the ethernet sheild or I/O sheild.

The device is is dirt cheap, I jsut have to learn the coding for it and have a play.


So after my holiday.... BRING ON THE UNO!!

(actualy we will be playing UNO the game on holiday no doubt..)


Unity asks for ID and Pin

On Unity Connection Voicemail.

I noticed whilst testig a voicemail account that if you get the initial pin request wrong, UC7(and 8 as I understand) then asks for the ID ( extension number ).

I bet 99.9% of my users who inadvertently put in the wrong PIN don't recognise the change in request or understand what it means. Cisco ut it in as a security measure to prevent hackers but I can live without that.

System settings > Advanced > Conversations > Request Entry of User ID after Failed Password Entry from Known Extension (Untick)


Set Unity to exit to different greeting.

Well this has bugged me for a year, when a Unity Connection 7 (not sure on other versions but it's probably the same) user exits their voicemail it goes to the operator call handler.

This did not matter for us as we were a single site, bu last year the unity was introduced to a sister site. When the user exited the system they got the IVR auto attendant for the main site.

I looked at it last year but could not find the settign to enable the remote site to exit to a different call handler.


Today, Success..

user > Phone menu > When Exiting the conversation..

I changed operator to goodbye..

Worked nicely...

Good luck.



Using cheap SFP with cisco switch..

So you have your cisco switch and you want to plug in some fiber, you stick in XYZ's SFP and it wont work.. You have to fork out for the real cisco one right???



simply use

service unsupported-transceiver

and none Cisco units should now work.


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