Summer 1992 saw me pass my A-Levels, it was fully my intention to get a Job and start earning real money. In early August I pursueded my Dad to lend me som money to buy a car ( It would help finding and going to a Job…

So we trotted of to look at some cars, I quite liked a MK1 Astra estate, hated an FSO Polenez, decided a Type 2 VW camper was too dangerous.. and Eventulay we went to look at some Ladas..

The family had had 3 Ladas ( Old 1600, a 1300 and a Riva 1600 SLX!!! ) But I wanted something a little less dated…. ( the RWD ladas were great fun to drive mind!! )

Eventual we found a cheap Samara 1300L ( F923 EDS ) In off white ( I can’t remember the exact name.. )

It was quite a revelation from the old Riva, quite modern in many respects. It was a good little car for the money. Plenty of space, resonably economical, resonably nippy and sort of handled!!

I had it for two years, the clutch failed which was a nightmare tyring to go up Honister pass with virtualy no grip left in the clutch!! and the Clutch center forgot to put a bolt in so the gearbox mount came loos a couple of weeks later!!!

Then it had a ignition box fault, I thought it was the carb so had that stripped at least 3 times..

Eventual it was sold to my sister…