Before putting Galaxy 2 to use I wanted to replace the radiator which I thought had a leak. I got one ordered and set about swapping it. The swap was a little tricky for space but it all went together after a bit of wiggling. But on startup water flowed out. I thought from both inlet and outlet but on inspection it seemed just the top. The hose joint felt very loose, I contacted the seller but they were not helpful.

I ordered replacement seals, these turned up but were wrong! I ordered new hose tails, then went to the garage in a last ditch attempt to find a seal I knew I had purchased for the old galaxy. Despite looking twice before I was not expecting any luck. I found it within 30 seconds!

The seal was fitted and no water leaked!!!! Topped it up and after 25 miles the water light came on again. topped it up and we are no a whisker off 200 miles with no leak…

The car no longer stinks of dog.

Drives quite nicely really, the air conditioning even works!…

~£700 spent including costing parts swapped from the old one, and the number plate transfer, and parts not used!!

Tax is £80 less and fuel should be a saving too..

I am more confident in these VW PD engines, They don’t use High Pressure fuel pumps and lines like the TDDI/TDCI engines, rather they have a CAM shaft that sits over the injector and operates the high squirt injector mechanically.