When we picked up the Vectra we were aware of 3 faults and 2 we did not.

  1. There was a oil leak, this drips onto the exhaust downpipe and causes whafts of smoke. I have fitted a new cam cover gasket and will see if that cures it.
  2. The PAS is supposed to have an issue but I have driven the car a number of times round the industrial estate and not had any issues.
  3. The Sat Nav shows no maps??? This may be a loose “GID RGB” cable but I have looked at stereo end and that was ok. Need to remove the Screen and check at that end..
  4. We were not aware that the boot release button is intermittent, the previous owner has had the rear trim out at some point to have a look at this, apparently it may just be a microswitch that needs cleaned.
  5. The rear demister seems to be dead. Will have to check the fuse.

Other than that the car seems fine, drives ok and looks ok!

I have removed the Parrot and it will find a new home soon!