I had seen this little MK2f Polo Coupe on ebay last year and nearly bought it for a bit of Vintage euro fun.. But I passed on it at £450 and thought no more of it.. Until I was browsing ebay again in January. It was out of MOT for a while and needed a few little jobs by the sound of it. I thought it would make an ideal first car for the boys when they are ready (18 months and 3 years to go).

I put in a low offer of £250 and the guy accepted.

Me and Toby took the trailer up to go and get it, only 20 miles away but it was evening in winter during a bad storm. The journey there was absolutely fine, but when we went to detach the trailer to turn it round, we kinda forgot about the electrix… The seller was still on his way home at this point. When he arrived he asked how we were and as part of plesentaries we explained we had just disabled all our lights!!

Fortunately, he was a multi skilled maintenance engineer, had tools and a wiring diagram for 7Pin electrics in his van!! Stirling job he did too!.

We then got the car loaded, had a chat for half an hour and then went on our merry way home.

She’s not bad, I think there is less work to do than first thought. But I have bought a full exhaust, track rod ends, front disks and pads and a Stereo!… There is no rush to get it done. Her paintwork is typical vintage VW Red (pink) but apart from two small rust holes on the bottom of the doors she looks solid..

The Megan has been brought home to be fixed, but weather has been dreadful for two months..